about myStaze

myStaze is a soon-to-be international streaming service that broadcasts concerts live for anyone to watch, from anywhere, and is dedicated to fairly compensating its artists.

For the audi 

Our mission

For the audien

Providing our audience with a platform where they can discover and enjoy live performances from talented artists around the world. Through immersive and convenient streaming experiences, our audience can connect with various artists and explore new music genres.

By prioritizing fair compensation for artists, we empower our audience to support and engage with musicians they value while enjoying high-quality live entertainment from the comfort of their own homes.


For artists 

Providing a platform where artists are fairly compensated and valued for their work. By helping them reach a larger audience through streaming, we empower them and help them build a community around their music.

By making streaming convenient and accessible, we ensure that artists can thrive in the streaming landscape, and can receive the recognition they deserve. 

Our logistics: Connecting and guiding for streaming

Through myStaze, providers offer equipment and venues, artists stream their concerts, and the audience purchases tickets to watch live performances.

The myStaze platform serves as a central hub where these interactions occur, providing guidance to artists, listing upcoming concerts, and enabling ticket sales.

By bridging these stakeholders, myStaze plays a crucial role in democratizing access to live music experiences while ensuring fair compensation for artists.

We are here to support artists

With myStaze, artists get 80-90% of their net tickets sale.

Did you know that it takes on average 5000 streams for an artist to earn enough to buy a cup of coffee? It's nearly impossible for small to mid-scale artists to make a living from their music alone. We aim to be the platform that makes a difference for them.

*Technical fees include taxes, copyright fees, transaction fees, and marketing & server fees. Just enough to make the platform work!

Let yourself be carried away by the music

Welcome to our live music venue. We invite you to come in, learn more about us and our live music events, and stop to embrace the joy of music and entertainment.